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Browser extensions are used for improving a browser’s user interface, security , blocking advertisements, and various other features to make browsing the internet easier and more safe. It is also called as Add ons.

These extensions are available in a google chrome web browser and Mozilla Firefox web and mobile browser mainly.

These two browsers are providing various type of extensions you can use by installing it to your browser.

People who use the internet regularly may know about the browser extensions. It works as an application of a web browser. 

The main task of extensions is to make browsing easier and efficient. 

All the mentioned extensions are very useful in your daily life. One should install all these plugins to get amazing browsing extension.

Most of the people nowadays use mobile browsing so for both Android and iOS users should install Firefox if you want to make good browsing experience.

Because Chrome is not providing extensions in a mobile browser.

Google Chrome web browser is providing lots of extensions for PC users. Here is the list of top 5 extensions should be used.

5 Extensions Should Be Used

  • AdBlock Plus – Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more
  • Video DownloadHelper – The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.
  • Google Translation – Translate to your native language a selected text.
  • Ghostery – Increase your browsing privacy, protection, and speed.
  • LastPass Password Manager – LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

NOTE: These extensions link given is for FireFox

Link List

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7 Comments on “Make Great Browsing Experience”

  1. Alll done bro but I think so most of the browser user are prefering uc browser fr phone wht about tht ????? Article is really useful

  2. I do all, But is there any thing or process the compress the DATA while site is loading so we get fast Full Webpage because sometime some webpage took more time to load full

    1. There are not specific browser extensions which can compress WEB DATA. But you can use image blocker ,flashblock , Adblock etc. Too much installation of plugins can reduce your surfing speed. It is better to use limited plugins which are really useful.
      Thank You(:

  3. Ohk bto all correct that uc does not gives privacy bt I think most of the internet users prefer these browser fr using thn after it may be safety of them or nt they don’t get awared about it

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