Why will Podcasting Become Popular?

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One of the most emerging content creation is Podcasting. After blogs and videos, Podcast is third most effective way for content creation.


In simple words, Podcast means AUDIO BLOG or we can say any video in the audio form. In the united states and Europian countries, many people listen to the podcast episode every day.

In India, the most important way to publish any content is video. Because the data price was very expensive. From the last four to five years, Youtube’s revenue got double. That means people are now watching videos.

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The next five years will be based on the audio. Indian YouTubers are doing big mistake for not doing a podcast.

Most Popular Categories for Podcasting…

  1. Interviews
  2. Educational
  3. Conversational
  4. Entertainment
  5. Live Phone Call

Podcast - Itsfacile

4 Reasons Why Podcasting will Become Popular

1. Time

Time is the most important thing of our life. However, people are spending more time on the internet but that’s not on what we want.

The young generation does not prefer to read long articles or watch long videos on the Internet because it consumes more time.

We can listen to podcast everywhere and get entertainment or knowledge. Just as we listen to music, Podcast is being used. We cannot do multiple things while reading an article or watching a video.

That’s how it saves time.

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2. Easy to Create

It is easier to create any podcast episode than creating a blog post or a video. We can record our podcast and share it with the multiple platforms using Anchor.

3. Sponsored Content

Ads in Podcasting is a part of digital ads. Moreover, it is the cheapest in all of the digital media. That’s why the brand can provide sponsored podcast episode.

4. Smart Speakers

While driving a car, we can listen to a podcast. The podcast is available on Apple HomePod and will be available on Google Home soon.

How to Start?

Create an account in Anchor. It is the best podcasting platform which will publish your podcast to Apple Podcast, Pocket casts and other podcasting platforms.

We can simply record and edit on the Anchor. Use Audacity for editing your episode.

Just start a podcast on the topic which you like the most. You will get to learn a lot of things.

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