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The Audio Entertainment and Education Penetration | Case Study

Audio content has been getting a lot of traffic for the last 5 years. It can be entertainment or education, this form of content is growing consistantly. Here is audio entertainment and education case study.

In the US, slowly and steadily, people are leveraging more audio content rather than video-based content and written content.

We all know the world is tend to follow the trend sooner or later.

Creating content in audio form is more affordable. Ease of creating content is also one of the biggest advantages.

You may think that why I have used the word ‘audio entertainment’, that means music. But, the music industry is a very small part of the audio industry.

Most of us have internet availability. Hence, the downloading habit of songs and videos has drastically declined. Nowadays, we tend to use the internet for listening to our favourite songs.

Audio Entertainment and Education Case Study:

There are many apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Gaana, Saavn and many more. All the platforms are profitable and making decent review from the music streaming services.

Understanding the business model of these companies is simple. They either have a subscription-based business model or have an advertisement based business model.

Generally, freemium plans include advertisements and on the other hand subscription base service does not include ads as the users have to pay monthly fees to access the premium and ad-free content.

In India, we are currently enjoying the boom of video content, thanks to Reliance Jio. We don’t have that much habit to consume audio other than music.

According to the Neilsen, there are 94% of people in India who use the internet from the mobile phone to listen to their favourite songs.

But, in developed countries like the USA and the UK, audio has become a new trend.


Amazon-owned company Audible is the seller and producer of spoken entertainment, information and educational streaming service.

The company offers digital audiobooks, radio, TV programmes, and the audio versions of magazines and newspapers.

Online Audio Industry – Case Study | By Anuj Vohra

According to the bookseller, in 2018, Audible revenue had increased by 45% in the UK.

Besides, Audible is the largest producer of downloadable audiobooks.

In India, the company is offering a 30-day free trial. After the trial, the charges are 199 INR per month where we can access thousands of audiobooks.

The audio versions of educational books are also available.

This is how we can clearly understand, Amazon-owned Audible is a big player in terms of audio content seller and publisher.


It is a platform where we get audio summaries of thousands of books.

The current generation does not prefer to read books as people are not willing to spend time to read.

Our life has become so fast that we cannot spend time to listen to a complete audiobook. That’s why Blinkiest has come up with an idea of providing the summaries of audiobooks.

So, we don’t require to read the whole book.

Blinkiest has 11 million active users, more than 3000 non-fiction audiobooks and the average duration of a book summary is 15 minutes.

In addition, the company is adding 40 new audio summaries in its platform every month.

The pricing is also that much effective, 250 INR per month. The learnings we have to spend time and money to read the whole ebook, we get in just 15 minutes. And also, we can access thousands of audiobooks.

YeBook – Hindi:

I didn’t know that much about Blinkiest. I have already purchased a one-year membership of YeBook for 999 INR.

The concept is the same. This app provides the audio summaries in Hindi content. This Indian startup is also growing speedily.

It is also a great platform for those who are not that much comfortable with the English language.


When it comes to the podcast, the anchor is the biggest player.

Anchor is a platform that enables the facilities to record and publish the podcast.

When we publish the podcast from this platform, we able to distribute our podcast to the 9 platforms!

I personally use this platform in order to publish and distribute the podcast. And I am over satisfied with the service. By using Anchor, my podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, CastBox, Anchor, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Radio Public.

Also read: The Ultimate Guide to Start Your Own Podcast

In Canada, the monetization option is available and it is in the testing phase.

More and more people are leveraging podcast to get daily news and for the educational purpose.


All such platforms can be helpful for us if we start consuming in a proper way.

These are just three best platforms as off August 2019. There will be more amazing platforms.

Start leveraging audio content as a replacement of Youtube. You will become a more productive person.

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