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Best Platform for Creating An Android/iOS App

Generally, people believe that we must have good knowledge of computer programming and designing for creating an android/iOS app. That’s true. Because not everyone can create an app easily.

Create an app without coding

Why People cannot Create an App Easily?

People cannot create an app easily not only because of lack of knowledge but also it takes a lot of time to create a proper and decent android/iOS app.

The cost of creating a website is cheaper than application because it’s difficult to implement all the things in the application. There are so many things we need to learn before creating an app using the android studio.

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In this article, I will share with you one of the best platforms for creating an android/iOS application without coding.

About Thunkable

Thunkable is the best platform for creating an android app easily. The concept of thunkable is based on MIT App Inventor. MIT App Inventor is also an open source platform for creating a basic Android application. I have used MIT App Inventor in 2016. Thunkable is super upgraded version of MIT App Inventor.

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There are many platforms available to create an application without coding. But those are totally basic apps. We cannot make any problem-solving application using those platform. Thunkable is giving lots of useful features.

By using this platform, we can create both an Android and iOS application.

How Does It Work?

The platform is working on blocks based programming language. In which, we do not need to code for simple designing layout. Besides, we also do not need to code while doing the logical or mathematical operation.

We also need to understand the block-based programming language which is very easy to understand. Itsfacile android application is based on this language.

Download – Itfacile App 

Thunkable is also providing tutorials which can clear our basic concept about this system.


Here are the features left side of the image, in the center – the main screen of an app and at the right side – there are screen properties.

Newly Updated Features

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Firebase – DB
  • AdMob – Banner
  • Push Notifications
  • Sensors

With the help these features, we can easily create a decent application. Besides, we can also create basic games using Thunkable. We can also create an application for other small businesses easily.

Test and Export

We can test our app using QR code and USB connection. Also, we can directly download our app.


By joining Thunkable’s community, we can meet lots of developers and learn about their projects. We can also modify others’ application.


One must have to understand this platform. That’s why it is necessary to create a simple application first. It is a lot easier and time-saving method for creating an android and iOS application. Visit Thunkable Tutorial. 

This article is specially written for all my classmates and other computer science students. Hope you find this article useful.

If you find this article useful, then let me know in the comment area. Share if you find something informative. 

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Thank You 🙂

Anuj Vohra

Hi , I am Anuj Vohra. Founder of Itsfacile.com & Saral Investment.

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  • what is thunkable?
    App or software?
    where can we found it easily?
    how efficient or precious it is?
    can use as proper app development?

    • Thunkable is a platform that provides facility to create an Android or iOS app using block-based programming language.

      Create an account in http://thunkable.com.

      If you are creating a small app, you don't need to use the Android studio because it provides amazing features to create an app without coding.

      But, the important thing is without logic one cannot create an app easily.

      It can be used as proper app development if your app is not too big(in functionalities)

      Thank you for commenting.

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