There are lots of people who feel sad when it comes to earning money. Even after they have decent standard of living, they get upset because of not making more money. These sites that tell you how rich you are in the world.

After reading this article, you will get to how rich you are in the world and how many people in the world are poorer than you. Make sure you read the complete article.

We consider money as a social status symbol and that’s the reason we get jealous when someone in our friend circle or family member makes more money than us.

Most of us consider that money is the ultimate thing to accumulate happiness. We will not get into this topic because it is a highly debatable sentence.

These Sites Tell Us How Rich You Are:

1. Giving What We Can:

This is an organization that works on the donation for the poor countries in the world.

On their website, they have created a tool from which we can measure how rich we are in the world.

Let’s say, there is a middle-class family of India earning 1,000,000 INR annually. That means 83,333 INR every month. Assuming this family has 4 adults.

We want to check how wealthy this middle-class family in the world.

An Article by Anuj Vohra

Here, we have filled the data that I have discussed.

As soon as we hit a click on the CALCULATE, you will see amazing data.

How Rich Am I? by Anuj Vohra

This family has an annual income of 1,000,000 INR that means this family of 4 people is richer than 88.8% of the people in the world.

Also, we can say, this family is in the top 11.2% richest family in the world!

The chart on the right-hand side tells, the difference between the median income and your income.

Amazing data, right?

Let’s look at another website, that gives data in depth.

2. Global Rich List:

This site is also created for the donation purpose but it tells detailed information.

Alright. So continuing with the previous example, we have taken the same annual salary.

Data 1:
Data 2:
Data 3:

Checked all the data?

Are you feeling like a little richer?

Yes! You are.

Feel free to check these sites: Giving What We Can and Global Rich List

In order to create wealth, we must start to understand things related to money and start educating ourselves.

Personal finance is one of the most important things that most of the schools and colleges never teach.

Terms like debt, equity, inflation, insurance and financial planning are a basic thing to understand.


If you have a house for living and if you can eat two times meal per day then you are already richer than 70% of the world.

It’s the society that judges us.

Go to these sites and take a screenshot and whenever you feel like you don’t have sufficient money, view these screenshots.

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By Anuj Vohra

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