After completing 2 – 3 years or sometimes 1 year of using smartphone, our smartphones get slower. We have to learn how to manage smartphone. Here are the 12 effective ways to speed up smartphone.


As technology changes day by day, we have to upgrade our smartphone. Some people change the smartphone every year because they are the people who want updated technology.

People think the smartphone is getting slower when time passes. But that is not the fact.

Smartphone industries are growing rapidly.

When a new smartphone gets launched, it also has a new processor that means it has a faster speed than your old smartphone.

Maintaining our smartphone is very easy.

Common Methods

  • If your smartphone has less than 2gb of RAM then you should use High speed (SD card) with 32gb, 64 etc.
  • Do not use live wallpapers.
  • Check system update.
  • Delete unwanted songs, videos, apps(with a stored folder in internal storage) and more.
  • Do not download games having size more than 1gb.
  • Do not update any app not required because it takes too much memory.

Smart Tricks

  • Take a pen drive and buy an OTG cable. Then connect your pen drive to OTG cable and connect with a smartphone.
  • Clear cached data from a smartphone.
  • Restrict background of some unwanted apps such as WhatsApp , Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram.  Note: You will not get notification from restricted apps. 
  • Do not close all the apps at a time. It is the main reason why my father’s three years old smartphone is not getting hanged. Because if you have closed the apps, the apps which you want to open will be reopened. That takes too much time to load.
  • Take a backup and do a factory reset.
  • Do not use any antivirus application.


Follow The Tricks and Enjoy…

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By Anuj Vohra

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