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How Facabook Will Beat Google

Facebook Inc. has the largest market share in social media. With the help of Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook has gained a large number of users.

Digital marketing is now in trending globally.

The technology giant Google has taken most of the part of digital ads.

Google Adwords and Google Adsense are widely popular. Running a business on Google can boost business and that’s why it is very popular.

Most of the revenue of Google is generated by advertisements.

Google ads are everywhere and running successfully because of a large number of Android users. Our Gmail accounts are linked in Google search and Google shows us advertisements by previously searched results.

Moreover, more than 65% of websites contain Google Adsense.

That means 65% of the websites on the internet has to contain Google ads.

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If you want to grow your business on Google then you need to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

It is difficult to understand and It is the most important part of digital marketing.

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Problem With Google Ads

In 2003, Google Adwords launched and that was totally based on bids.

In a simple language, you have to pay for some words(called as KEYWORDS) for keeping your product first Google search results. It was very underpriced for some years.

Now Google is increasing its ad rates because the number of keywords is increasing rapidly.

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Facebook At The Best Level

As a social media giant Facebook has gained more than 2.3 billion monthly active users.

The most part of rthe evenue generated by Facebook is also for advertisements. It is the second most popular platform after Google in Digital Ads.

From the image, Facebook is also giving all the features which are also given by Google. Starting campaigning on Facebook is very simple and easy.

You just have to target your audience or consumer. There are also many businesses which are running on Facebook.

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Facebook ads are underpriced than google. You are reaching to more people in less money using Facebook ad campaign.

That is the reason it is emerging and can beat Google in advertisements on the internet.

Next 5 – 10 years, Facebook can easily beat Google as per today’s growth of Facebook. Just like Youtube, Facebook is also planning to create ads on uploaded videos.

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