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How Google will Change the Gaming Industry

Google’s newest product Stadia is going to change the gaming industry. This product may replace high-end personal computers and consoles with just normal personal computer.

The gaming industry is already a billion-dollar industry. Google has been diversifying its business either by acquiring a company or by innovation.

If we look at the massive revenue of the gaming industry, in 2018, the video game industry got $43 billion in revenue only in the USA. According to Forbs, the video game industry is likely to become a $300 billion industry by the end of 2025.

That is why Google invented this amazing technology that solves a big problem of millions of people. For Google, Stadia is the easiest way to not only enter the gaming industry but also to disrupt the whole industry.

You may have seen many people buying expensive laptops or consoles to play games which have high-quality graphics.

Such computers are expensive compare to other computers because these computers include high processors, high graphic card, SSD and many other features.

If one wants to play a game which has too much high graphics and doesn’t have enough money to buy high-end consoles.

The answer is simple.

He may not be able to play such games.


What if I tell you…

You can play such games in your BROWSER – Google Chrome. You will not need to buy expensive computers for that.

Stadia will Change the Gaming Industry:

Stadia is a cloud-based gaming infrastructure created by Google.

The concept is very unique and it will change the whole gaming industry.

This platform will give access to play games on Google Chrome. That means we can play any game in our browser.

It will work using cloud computing technology.

Google is saying that Stadia can run any game without any lag. Besides, the game will run at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

What we Need to Play Games on Stadia:

We need to play games on Stadia using Chrome browser. Also, we need to purchase the Chromecast extension by Google.

If you want to play games on mobile and tablets using this amazing platform, you must have an Android operating system.

Google has integrated Youtube with Stadia!

While watching any live streaming video on Youtube, you can start playing game from that very situation and location just by one click!

Also, we need to buy hardware which is created by Google. It is called as Stadia Controller which is used to play games.

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Cloud and Data center are the backbone of Stadia. With cloud technology, this project was impossible.

Google has been working for many years to developing this platform.

It seems like Google wants to become a NETFLIX of gaming industry.

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It’s a long term vision. It is taking a lot of time to launch this platform publically.

Till now, Google has not revealed the subscription cost of Stadia.

Want to know about Stadia?

Watch this video…

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