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Hide Your Secret Documents Easily

Most of the people set password in their smartphones. But sometimes we never take care about our documents . It is also a part of security.

Application and Softwares are commonly used for hiding documents but it is somehow complex way for hiding document. You can hide your secret documents like photos , videos , songs and many more.. With the help of this trick …

Hide files without using Apps

  1. Open your file manager then Select a file which you want to hide…

2. Now change the extension and also change the name of file

3. After changing the extension you cannot open that file. And If you have also changed the file name no one can open that file.



If you want to show that file. Now change the extension… For Example here video extension is mp4 and I had changed it to xyz. Now If you want to show that file change the extension to mp4.. Here you are.. Now you are able to see your file..

Hide files using Apps…

You can also hide files with using apps. But take care about it when you delete the app in which you have hidden your files , files will also delete from the storage.

Recommended Apps :

Hide it ( Audio Manager)

It is one of the best apps for hiding files because after downloading app the name of this app will show as “Audio Manager”  and you can also manage audio control of your smartphone .

Keepsafe – Hide Private Pictures

Vaulty – Hide pictures & Videos

Vault – Hide SMS , Pics & Videos

“Secure your documents now!”

Anuj Vohra

Hi , I am Anuj Vohra. Founder of Itsfacile.com & Saral Investment.

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Anuj Vohra

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