We are using document file, presentation slides and excel sheets for many years.  For creating these files we need MS office mainly.

MS Office is one of the best products of Microsoft Inc. Nowadays, in each and every field MS office or features of MS Office are being used. Whether you are a student, employed or self-employed, you all know how to use this software and make your work more effective.


MS Office is not free. It is totally paid service. However many people are using a cracked version of MS Office. It might be an older version. Using cracked version will not provide you with all the features.

The creaked versions are not advisable because installation file may contain malware/virus which can damage your computer.

It is not easy to update MS Office because everyone can’t afford the price. Generally, it is used in office work.

2 Best Alternatives for MS Office

1. You can install Apache Open Office for getting all the software Microsoft Office. Open Office is totally free and easy to learn. It has also better templates than MS Powerpoint.

2. You can also do all the same things online! If you don’t want to install MS Office or Open Office, you can use this method. Google is providing free service called as Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets ( Visit https://docs.google.com ).

Google Docs | Itsfacile

Creating or editing documents, slides and sheets are very easy and time-saving. After creating your presentation, you can simply save and download the presentation. Sharing via email option is also available.


Open Google Docs and just drop your file. Your file will open and you can simply edit if you are using a computer. For mobile users, three different applications are available where you can easily create and edit. Applications are available for Android and iOS both platforms.

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