Smartphone usage at night
 Nowadays we are using internet whole day. Sometimes even at night we used to chat with friends, E-learning , reading books online and many activities.

We are not taking care of our eyes. The brightness of our smartphone can highly damage our eyes. Besides the lowest brightness of smartphones are also not as low as it should.

If we want to protect our eyes, we should go for the very low level at the brightness which can protect our eyes easily. Here is an app which will protect your eyes with the simple method.

Protect your eyes from Smartphone

Night Mode

This app will provide user to decrease the brightness more than the lowest brightness of smartphone.

    • Manage the brightness easily and hit Start
    • From the picture, we can easily see the difference of brightness.
  • Thus… With the help of this app we can protect our eyes during the night usage of phone.

 Relevant Apps :

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