How does Facebook Make Money from Ads

The social media giant Facebook Inc. has now 2 billion active users . Facebook is providing many online services . Among them Online Gaming is one of the worst services for many users.

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How to Stop Facebook Game Request

We often find certainly useless notification on Facebook on gaming request. You cannot play some games without connecting to Facebook.

You have to connect game with your facebook account and that will generate useless notification for most of the people. These kind of requests are highly useless and people also don’t like to see such Notification.

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Facebook is not taking action against Gaming Request. But Facebook does provide to Turn Off gaming request that very few people know to how to Turn Off gaming request..

 For Smartphone Users

  • Go to directly Notification.
    • Now in Open Notifications from Apps.
    • Here you go… Turn off by clicking once.

For PC Users

    • Go to Settings.
    • Then select Apps and open it.
    • Now open Game and App Notification
  • Select Edit and Turn off the notification.
  • Now… You will not receive any kind of Game request.
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