store legal documents online

There are so many different identity cards such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving licence and many more.

Sometimes, we forget to carry such cards with us and that can put us in trouble.

While travelling, we must need to carry such things. There is always a possibility to drop such important cards in today’s fast life.

While travelling via a train or a flight, we must need to carry such legal identity proofs.

Many people use a soft copy of all the cards. But, it is easy to create fake cards or driving licence or passport. That’s why the government employees who are in charge of checking the identity never allow the soft copies.

Creating a soft copy is an easy way but it is not a proper way.

In this articles, we will discuss the importance of securing our identity cards in one platform.

DigiLocker | An App By Government of India

DigiLocker is an app and website in which we can upload our all the important documents.

store legal documents online

Now, we don’t need to worry because the government is promoting this app.

Follow these easy steps…

  • For creating an account in DigiLocker, we need to provide a mobile number for One Time Password(OTP).
  •  Then, we need to create a password for the app. Just like many payments apps, we must enter a password for access.

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Now, it is time to upload documents. 

  • You just now need to give your Aadhar card number and PAN number. The app will automatically generate your cards in a verified and secured way.
  • Also, you can also add your RC Book. Just enter the vehicle registration number and the app will automatically generate your secured and verified digital RC book.
  • We can also upload our certificates here.

It is really easy to use DigiLocker. It makes our life easier.

Besides, it is also possible to share our documents to companies or organization.

DigiLocker helps Indian citizens to store their official data in a cloud.

Download DigiLocker for Android

Download DigiLocker for iOS

Watch this video for detailed information.

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