The Theory Of Cyber Security

We only think about our safety when we heard the word “Hack”. But the giant companies are paying billions of dollars for users’ safety. Here is the theory of cyber security.

The Concept:

Hackers usually target a large number of users. And that’s why fewer users mean more safety(sometimes). We all know about Wanna cry Ransomware. 

Hackers found a bug on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Windows OS is the most used operating system in the personal computer world. Hackers will not prefer to find the bug and hack the whole system in MAC or Linux.

Because the number of users are less. And that’s why according to some experts it is better to use MAC or Linux rather than Windows. Mac or Linux can also be hacked.

It is the main reason my Microsoft is keeping updated their operating every Wednesday.

The Truth:

It does not mean Microsoft is not taking care of their users’ privacy. The bug can be found from any operating system or software.

Not only in the operating system or software but also Facebook, Google & Amazon also has a large number of users. And that’s why they are investing a huge amount of money in security.

Social media is the best platform for hackers to attract user and by clicking the link, your device will affect by Malware, Spyware or Adware. Facebook is also working to solve this problem and for detecting fake information as fast as possible by checking the NEWS FEED with the help of artificial intelligence.

Just imagine if hackers found a bug in Google and you have to pay some dollars for accessing your Google account and if you are not paying the money, you will lose your all data!!!

Online payment services providers are more aware of this fact because people are doing more and more online payment.

What’s Your Thinking?

That’s it. It was all my thinking because I have less knowledge in Cyber Security.

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