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E-commerce in India is very large business industry. People are feeling more comfortable nowadays from purchasing products online.

There is still a large number of people who are not yet connected with any e-commerce sites. You may have faced some problems while buying from popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon.in, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Here, I will tell you some useful tips and tricks which can help you to deal with while purchasing online.

5 Tips While Purchasing 

1. No COD(Cash on delivery)

There is definitely no problem to pay using Cash of Delivery (COD). You can use COD for paying while there is no any kind of sale(Big Billion Days or The Great Indian Sale).

The Big Billion Days(Flipkart) and The Great Indian Sale(Amazon India) have too many offers and discounts on some products. But the products are always limited. Some products sold out in just 10-15 minutes.

If you have paid from credit/debit card or net banking, they will have to give you that product or if the product is not available, they will have to give a refund. It is their responsibility to deliver the products.

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If you have ordered via COD, then they will take more time to deliver your ordered products. Because you have not paid yet. Sometimes the order gets cancelled.

2. Use Add-ons/Apps

You can use this app Buyhatke. It will help you to find price variation in any product using graphical form. You can also easily compare the price of a same product from different sites.

If you are buying from your laptop or computer, you can simply install Buyhatke addon in google chrome.

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3. Take Advantage

You should take advantage of offers while the price goes down of some products like shampoo, deodorant, perfume, clothes, make-up items, shoes etc. You can buy many of these things at a low price.

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4. Watch Retailer Review

We all check the rating of the product. But we should also check the rating of the retailer. Who is selling you a product via Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. The price also changes as retailer changes. If the rating is not good, don’t order. It may be risky.

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5. Record While Unboxing

It is very important to record while unboxing. We have heard about “ordered iPhone, get soap”. If something is wrong with packaging, the company will not take responsibility. That’s why it is better to unbox your product in front of the camera. You can ask for refund or replacement if you have this kind of proof.

If you don’t need, you don’t buy.

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