how to use two-step verification for stronger social media privacy

Global world is moving towards digital technology . Hacking is only the most dangerous thing in digital world. For that purpose strong security is must for all big companies.

If you don’t already have two-step authentication enabled on your all your accounts, you really need to turn it on for anything sensitive. It is also known as two-factor authentication.

Why we need this

By applying this method, we can protect our social media accounts. We have already seen such methods on financial platforms.

For instance, if someone knows our password then he/she can access our account. But, if you have activated two-factor verification then no one can access our account without our permission.

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What is Two-Step Verification

In general words, Two-step verification means two passwords for protecting our account. It can be also defined with two types of passwords which are Permanent and Temporary.

When you log into your any social media account, the second password ( temporary password)  will be sent to your mobile number via text message. When you fill that password then and then you can log into your account.

So that if your password gets stolen, no one can operate your account.

You can also active two-step verification on Whatsapp , Instagram , Snapchat & Twitter.

Why we need Two-step verification?

Someone can easily steal your password because of…

  1. Using same password for more than one site
  2. Downloading software from the internet
  3. Clicking on malicious Link in whatsapp and Email messages
  4. Not changing password daily

Click here to activate Two-step verification in Gmail

Click here to activate Two-step verification in Facebook

 The best way to protect your account from being hacked.

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