How ‘Bird’ is Changing the Way of Transportation

electric scooter sharing company

We use Ola and Uber for transportation service. But, this startup is changing the way of short distance transportation by using scooters.

People in India do not have more reliable options for short distance transportation.

We generally use auto-rikshaw for short distance ride. Or we can use a bus or train as a transportation tool or other public transportation. And, the bicycle is not a better option for the country like India because of the extreme weather.

Electric Scooter Sharing Transportation:

Same problem, the people of the United States were facing.

Bird Rides Inc. founded in September 2017. It is based on Santa Monica, California, USA. The company is in the scooter sharing industry. Hence, it has no competition with Uber or Lyft.

‘Bird’ is solving a very big problem with short distance transportation mainly. The company also called the Uber of electric scooter sharing.

How does it work?

People find the nearest place from the app where bird scooters are parked. Then, they just need to go there and scan the QR code that is given on each and every scooter.

That’s it. Your ride in now on!

The ride price starts at just $1 plus $0.15 a minute(As per September 2018).

Watch this video to see how it works…

This concept is very famous in China. But, rather than renting a scooter, people prefer to buy Mi Electric Scooter because of the heavy usage.

10 Amazing Things to Know About Bird Rides

1. All the bird scooters are electrical and the maximum speed is 15 miles/hour.

2. Bird’s founder had previously worked with Uber and Lyft.

3. One of the biggest investors in Bird Rides are Uber, Google and Lyft(Lyft is a competitor of Uber – Not working in India).

4. Bird Rides Inc. is the fastest company to rich $1 billion valuations in less than a year.

electric scooter sharing company

Source: Bird Rides Inc.

5. Bird Scooters are reducing the use of vehicles and the volume of traffic as well.

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6. It helps to reduce pollution and also helps to improve air quality because all the scooter are powered by electricity.

7. The company has expanded its business in more than 100 cities in the world. That includes countries like North America, Europe and some Asian countries.

8. Just like Uber and Lyft, Bird Scooters are banned in so many cities of the United States. That includes San Fransisco, Cambridge and Columbus.

9. Bird Rides Inc. also created the rules to ride a scooter. Such as wearing a helmet, driving licence and many more.

10. This startup is also associated with many universities.

11. People can park these scooters anywhere on the sideroads.

Watch here some negative impact of electric scooters

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