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How China is Fighting Against the Pollution

China and India are two of the most polluted countries in the world. Today, we will discuss the importance of air purifier and all the actions taken by Chinese government.

India is known for its agricultural land. Our country has more than 60% of the land available for agricultural activities. For this big reason, India’s most of the employment is based on agricultural activities.

On the other side, China is known for the manufacturing hub. The country has only 15% of the land available for agricultural activities. Although, people prefer to work in a manufacturing hub rather than agricultural activities.

In the last 20 years, we can clearly see how China has become a leader in manufacturing each and every electronic product.

That’s why over the years, the pollution started increasing. Also, China has the highest population and the highest number of vehicles in the world.

Some research on air pollution shows that 1.6 million people in China die from air pollution every year.

The Chinese government has started taking action to improve the air quality index(AQI).

The Biggest Air Purifier in the WORLD

All the cities which have very poor air quality index need more attention to decrease the pollution level. The government is establishing big air purifier in the city. That cleans the air and give a healthy air to breadth.

Source: TreeHugger

China has built the biggest air purifier in the world. It is a 100-metre purification tower. According to the South China Morning Post(SCMN), the improvement in air quality is observed in a range of 10 square kilometres.

It was just an experiment by the government. After seeing a very good result, China is going to build a 500-metre air purification tower.

Solar Panels are Everywhere

For the last ten years, China has rapidly increased production and the use of solar panels to generate electricity.

On the other side, China is decreasing the power generation from Coal slowly.

Comparing with other developed countries, China is leading the power generation from solar energy.

Source: Economic Times

According to the Economic Times, China has no longer competition from any country in case of solar energy generation.

Also, the Chinese government is also highly focusing on hydro-electricity generation.

As per the recent research, air quality has improved and managed to reduce the death rate because of air pollution.

What Can We Do?

It is very unfortunate that we are growing very slowly in Solar Power generation. We have the biggest advantage of hot weather.

According to the central electricity authority (CEA), the current share of renewable energy in India is 21% and India wants to double the share of renewable energy by 2030.

The best way to reduce pollution is to generate more energy from renewable sources. In which, for the country like India, Solar energy is the best.

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