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Things to Know About Masayoshi Son and SoftBank

Softbank is Japanise conglomerate holding company. If you have ever read some of the business articles then you may have heard the name Softbank and Masayoshi Son.

History of SoftBank

The company was founded by Masayoshi Son in 1981. Softbank Corporation is working almost everywhere. Softbank is one of those companies that you hear a lot about but never really sure what they actually do.

The products of Softbank are software business, investment, internet of things, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and robotics.

9 Things to Know about Masayoshi Son and Softbank

1. Masayoshi Son invented the first electric dictionary in the world. He sold this technology to Sharp Corporation for 1.7 million dollars. At this time, he was just 19 years old.


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2. Son’s thoughts on his businesses…

  • We must love the business for 50 years.
  • The business must be unique.
  • We must become the market leader in the 10 years.

3. In the early days of Softbank, Son quickly won a contract with country’s largest PC retailer Joshin for exclusive software purchaser.

4. He had invested in so many technology companies in the ’90s and after that, he was known as Bill Gates of Japan. After the dot-com boom Masayoshi Son had the highest net worth in the world but after dot-com burst, he lost his most of the money.

5. He had lost $70 billion dollars in one day.

6. Softbank is known for big investments. Such as.

  • 80% stack holder in memory card manufacturing company Kingston.
  • 4th most popular website till the date Yahoo Japan 43% stack holder.
  • Alibaba Group 28% stack holder.
  • Acquire Vodafone Japan.
  • 83% stack holder in American telecommunication company Sprint Corporation.
  • Fortress investment group 100% stack holder.
  • 100% stack holder of ARM (Microprocessor designing company)
  • Acquire American engineering and robotics designing company from Google, 2017.
  • 51% stack in game development company supercell.
  • $10 billion dollars in Uber.
  • $210 million dollars in OlaCabs.
  • $100 million dollars in
  • $1.4 billion dollars in One97 Communications (Paytm).
  • $250 million dollars in Oyo Rooms.

Most of these companies are very popular and making so much profit.


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7. Today, Softbank has annual revenue of $82 billion dollars which is 72nd largest company in the world.

8. The company is looking forward to invest in biotech, financial system and internet of things devices.

9. Softbank launched Softbank vision fund in which they have invested $100 billion dollars in many companies.

10. Masayoshi Son’s thought during the exam (From biography)

“I don’t have such time to waste. One can think as much as he likes. However, I need to act and follow through with my ambition. Because we only live once, I want to do something that will be remembered in the history. If I do the same as others do, I will never be able to make history.”


Watch the interview with Masayoshi Son.



Final Words

There is no doubt Masayoshi son is creating the best future by investing in so many companies. His vision, ideas, and thoughts are always different from other business leaders. That’s what makes him so special.

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