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What is GDPR? How does it Affect?

In the recent article, we have discussed how does Facebook access our data. GDPR is the thing that helps us to protect our sensitive information. Here is What is GDPR and How does it affect

American tech giants Facebook and Google have been taking information of users for a long time.

There was no law of data protection before Cambridge Analytica scam of Facebook.

But after this scam, the European Union has created a law which is based on what information companies like Facebook and Google are collecting from us.

This happened because the data of millions of people across Europe was misused.

Hence the all European countries have created this law, GDPR is also applicable in the USA. And that’s why it is applicable in the whole world.

GDPR – Explained:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) helps users to hide their sensitive information (gender, political opinion and many more) from tech giants.

Any data by which we can identify a particular person is considered in GDPR. It includes name, email address, phone number, IP address and location.

After the creation of this law, Facebook and Google both have provided the facilities to remove your sensitive information.

In Facebook, you can download your data and delete that information which you don’t want to share with Facebook.

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GDPR is applicable everywhere in the world because most companies are associated with the European Union.

If a company is found guilty for not following the law, the penalty is up to $24 million or 4% of annual revenue. That’s a huge number.

All the companies who are following this rule must have to secure the data.

The European Union has also suggested that users should not save the data in browsers. While submitting any form online, you just need to click once to fill all the information such as name, email address and phone number. So, that should not be done.

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The government of India must take steps towards protecting data. One of the steps are taken by the Indian government is to build data centers of multinational companies.

This way the data of Indian users cannot go outside of India.

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