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Millions Of Users Are Not Safe On Internet

The most popular browser in India and China is UC browser. UC Web Inc is acquired by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group which is a Chinese company.


We cannot control how our data is being used by technology giants. In order to that, we need to understand how and where is our important data is being used.

Over more than 500 million users UC browser is rapidly growing. It has a large number of users because they are providing very good speed and fancy user interface. It has also many sister apps which are also growing speedily. UC browser is also providing many plugins which are improving the quality of the browser.

Shocking Things About UC Browser

The connected apps with UC Browser take our data search and IP address. If you have logged in to your any account they will also collect your email id without your permission. This thing can violate web security. The main reason for taking our search data is advertising.

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Connected Apps With UC Browser

  • UC Browser mini
  • 9 Apps
  • UC News ( Sometimes providing fake news and adult content )
  • UC Cricket
  • UCloud
  • UC Union

The company takes all the information from the users and they send it to advertisers. The advertisers will target you as per your searched history. You will also get some promotion and spam emails. Moreover, they can also send SMS to your phone number directly! They earn lots of money by doing digital marketing.

You may have found a lot of ads of UC browser in some sites. The site owners are getting paid from doing advertising.

UC browser and it’s other app products are not even taking our permission to access our data.


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How Google Collects Our Information:

Google Chrome is also taking our data but we are giving all the permissions to access our data. Google knows everything about your activity on your computer and mobile if your Gmail account is connected. Gmail account is the only source which can give your information to Google.

Moreover, the sites you have visited has already include google analytics that manages the whole traffic of the website.


That’s why I have not included any word related to UC Browser in one of my previous post ” Make Great Browsing Experience With Browser Extensions”. Most of the people are still not aware of this fact. I am recommending you to use Chrome or Firefox in your smartphone/personal computer instead of UC Browse.

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