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Some things on internet can never be outdated. Written words, video content and audio content are three most popular trends on internet.

In this article, I will tell you about the importance of blogging which simply means content writing. If you are good at writing then you should start writing blogs.

4 Reasons Why Blogging is Not yet outdated

1. Blogging Makes Sense

Blogging is not just about technology. It can be anything that you want to write. The most popular trends are technology, lifestyle, health-care, business, sports, entertainment and many more. Whatever you are reading on the internet is one kind of blog. It can also become a news and media company by sharing the latest news.

There are some most popular blogging sites with different field according to me.

Some people are using applications for news and daily updates. Be aware of fake news because blogging is the most popular for spreading fake news. If you are a content writer then never write or share fake news just for a few clicks.

Facebook and Instagram are making blogging more beautiful. Generally my most of the traffic come from these two platforms. The communication with your visitors is also important while blogging.

2. Earn Money As A Blogger

So many advertisers are available that can pay you money. If you search “ads for my site” on google, you will find many sites which can pay you.

Google Adsence is the best and trusted source to earn money. There are some other platforms such as Bluehost, Flex offers, bidvertiser, yahoo ads, bing ads and many more. You can also get or find sponsored advertisement for your site.

3. Needed Website Anymore!

Yes! You also don’t need a website now. Using Facebook and Instagram pages, sharing your opinion through blogging is easily possible. But it is not an authentic way for writing a blog.

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If You Want To Create Website

You can easily create your blogging site. Blogger and WordPress are the best for blogging framework. And both the platform are totally free. You can also buy a domain and hosting with paid service but that is complex compared to direct using Blogger and WordPress.

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