Amazon echo Vs. Google Assistant

Searching on internet using voice is very common nowadays. However voice search was started by Google in 2008. But Amazon released Amazon Echo(smart device) in 2013 earlier than Google.

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home

Google and Amazon are working on building affordable and easily accessible smart devices. The main concept of these two devices is almost the same.

This concept is growing rapidly in western countries. It is a device which can talk with you and will give you better search result using voice. Not only for search results, but it can also do many things.

Amazon Echo

Basically, Amazon Echo is a smart speaker made by Amazon. Which is based on personal assistant Alexa.

To active the amazon echo you have to speak “Alexa” first and then you can ask for a search result. You can do many things using Amazon echo such as playing music, setting alarms, playing audio books.

Alexa can also give you the information about the weather of any city, traffic and other real-time details. It also contains home automation features.

Amazon Echo is widely popular than google home because it provides better service. Alexa is in the cloud that’s why it updates information regularly.

Watch the demo of Amazon Echo



Google Home 

After seeing huge opportunities in voice search Google launched Google released Google Home. It is also a smart speaker made by Google.

To activate Google Home, you have to speak “Ok, Google” or “hey google” first and then you can ask for a search result.

Google home is providing the same service as google. It uses google assistant for giving proper result.

Google home is also getting popularity but still, it is slower than Amazon echo.

Watch the demo of Google Home


In the next 2-3 years, We may all be using these services which can give us better search experience and better living experience by home automation.





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