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Learn from Professionals – Grades Don’t Matter

There are many online platforms that provide certification courses. But sometimes it is costlier and there is no guarantee for high quality courses. And everyone can publish his/her tutorials on such platforms.

Here is a platform which is providing certified unique courses from professionals at the cheapest rates.

Grades Don’t Matter

Bengaluru based startup ‘Grades don’t matter‘ is providing high-quality learning platform. The aim of creating is to develop an alternative educational platform. Besides, their aim is also to share awareness for choosing better career option which has high market value.

People who are willing to get a job in any sector generally have a mindset to get knowledge of only one specific area.

Nowadays, things are changing. Most of the companies want their employees who have knowledge of multiple skills. These skills may not have a relation between your job position and qualification.

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Grades don’t matter is simply changing or creating another education system.

How does it work?

The platform has 30 different courses with more than 350+ videos which are developed by professionals and influencers. It contains many categories such as filmmaking, entrepreneurship, content creation, performing art, design, fashion blogging, radio jockey and many more.

All The Topics of Grades Don’t Matter

Grades don’t matter is not taking any registration charge. We can register/login from our Facebook and Google account. After completing the registration, we can select multiple topics for trial. They are also providing a trailer to students for checking the core content. Besides, each course has a different number of videos.

The coolest part about Grades don’t matter is that they are giving us 2 videos of each course for free! If students want to continue that course then they have to pay 99₹/course only. They are also providing certificate and pdf file.

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As we can see from the image, this offer may available for only a few months. So, there is nothing wrong to join the course which is created by professionals at just 99₹.

Grades don’t matter is available on Android and iOS platform.

Payment system:

We have multiple options for payment. Credit/Debit card, Net banking, Wallet and UPI services are available for payment.

Final words

I have written this article because this platform is containing so many unique courses which are very useful. As the name of the company, we don’t require to have the sharpest brain to get grades. By learning new skills, we are developing and educating ourselves. Those who are interested to learn something new, at least check this amazing platform “Grades Don’t Matter“.

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