Erase Memory Without Loosing Data

People want more and more storage for keeping their data in smartphone. But most of the memory is used by Apps and miscellaneous files . Many people don’t take care about memory in the smartphone and then phone gets slower and slower. Here is the best way to erase memory without losing data.

Erase Memory Without Losing Data

The memory of smartphones is increasing rapidly. App updates, photos, videos and other documents are taking too much memory even if our phone has 32gb or 62gb or 128gb. We always need more memory for storing our data.

Yes! Now you can easily erase memory up to 500 Mb. There are some ways to erase the memory from your android phone.

Follow These Methods…

    • Go to File Manager Open WhatsApp Folder Then Open Database Delete those files from your phone..
    • Clear Cache Memory form Google Chrome , Firefox , Whatsapp , Instagram , Facebook & Snapchat…(Note : It will not delete your chat conversation)
    • Or you can delete the whole cache memory of your smartphone. Go to Settings /  Storage (Memory) /  Internal Storage /  Cached Data.
    • Delete the whole conversation from Whatsapp , Messenger & Hike.
    • Many of us are not aware about cloud storage. Use Google Drive or dropbox and store your photos, videos, songs and other documents in cloud storage. And delete those documents from your smartphone. If you want back your stored documents then Open Google Drive and get it back…
    • Delete Unwanted Apps.

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