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How to Organize SMS Properly?

We get so many SMS everyday. And most of the time it is irrelevant. That’s why it is very important to organize SMS properly. Here is how Microsoft SMS Organizer can solve our problem.

It feels very irritating when we receive non-useful and promotional messages. While checking all the messages, we generally get confused because all the messages are uncategorized.

Well, we can also turn off the notification of messages, but our bank accounts are connected with our phone number. That’s why all the transaction related messages should be read first. But, there is no facility in our smartphone to categorise the messages.

Sometimes, when we want to find any message, it takes a lot of time to find just one message.

That’s why to solve all these problems SMS Organizer is required.

Microsoft SMS Organizer

Source: Windows Latest

SMS Organizer is an app created by Microsoft Corporation that helps to categorise all the messages we receive.

This app checks the details of a sender and then categorised the message.

There are mainly three categories to organize our SMS.

  • Personal Messages
  • Transactions Messages
  • Promotional Messages

The app categorises all your messages based on these three areas. It also provides the easier way to delete the messages.

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Also, we can set a reminder and add our finance-related cards. We can also take backup of our messages.

Download this app to organize your SMS properly.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not developed this application for iOS. 

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