How to transfer file from mobile to pc
We have file transferring applications such as Xender , Zapya , ShareIT , Software data cable and many more. Here is how to transfer file from mobile to PC.
Transferring documents from mobile to mobile are very simple but sometimes it is not as easy as it should be. Moreover, when you try to transfer files from Mobile to PC, the transfer speed is very low.  And that’s why people are not preferring to transfer documents to PC.

How to Transfer File from Mobile to PC

Nowadays transferring your mobile files or data using Data Cable is like a headache. Sometimes it doesn’t even work.

If you are using Xender than it is very easy to transfer file. This trick should be used because with the help to this method , you can transfer files faster.

It is the most common method . You might aware about this.

  • Open .
  • Now open up Xender and switch to connect PC and scan.
  • You can transfer documents now!

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Method for other apps

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Here are the steps.

  • Install Software Data Cable – app .
  • After installing Software Data Cable open Sync PC. 
  • Then Click on the Start Service. 
  • If the service is running and if connected with the wifi network , your will get ftp address. 
  • Finally.. Copy this ftp address and your phone memory data will display here.
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