Youtube traffic is rapidly growing from almost one year in India. A huge platform to share videos to the world.

Digital marketing is also growing quickly in India.  Advertisers are moving towards online platforms like google , youtube , facebook , twitter because it is cheaper than television ads and newspaper ads. From this growing market we can easily observe that youtube is going to become very large market for advertisers which can make youtubers a lot of money. If you have the passion for creating innovative video content then go for it , it will convert your Passion into Paycheck.

By the end of 2025 there will be more than 800 million daily internet users in India. Imagine these 800 million users are only from India. So it doesn’t mean your content  should be in English.

Create Your Own Channel… 

May be it sounds weird but you can become highly successful by creating good , decent , innovative content.

Most of the time people who actually have a talent are afraid of camera! And the second most important thing is “what would other people (relative , friends etc ) think about me “. Well it really does’t matter.

Start your channel for creating something new and interesting that can make you happy , don’t do it for the money. You will get to learn many things. Being a youtuber is difficult thing because while starting channel you will not get enough views but you have to keep putting videos and then the number of subscriber will increase.

Channel And Money 

While starting with two or three videos , you have to get approval from google adsense then you will earn money as per advertisement shown in your video.

The second option for making money is affiliate marketing . You must have seen in many videos youtuber says “if you want to get this product , link is in the description below”. These type of links are called as affiliate links and that will generate commission from the e-commerce companies like amazon , flipkart , snapdeal etc.

“Just create something”


By Anuj Vohra

Hi , I am Anuj Vohra. Founder of & Saral Investment.

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