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Scan Files and Websites Online

Many times our anti-virus software isn’t able to detect the virus or malicious file. Also, there are so many websites, which use malicious codes.


Protecting our computer or mobile should be the first priority. It is hard to find the anti-virus which can scan files as well as websites!

In this article, we will discuss the online platform which can help us to scan the files as well as websites.

Not only that, using this platform, we can scan files/websites from multiple platforms. For instance, after entering any URL, the URL will be scanned from all the anti-virus software and other great web security services.

#1 Best Platform to Scan Files and Websites Online


VirusTotal By Itsfacile

VirusTotal is one of the coolest websites in the world. The name of the website suggests that the platform is useful to scan the virus from everywhere.

Not only just files and websites, but we can also scan an IP address.  It is very easy to find the domain information.

Let’s understand how it works…

VirusTotal by Itsfacile

Here, on the top of the page, there is no any type of virus found by the search engines.

Then, the site ‘ Itsfacile‘ is scanned by all these platforms. Clean means there is no any virus and the website is secured.

Same thing we can do for scanning the file.

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The biggest advantage of using this platform is the availability. VirusTotal is available in Android, iOS, Windows desktops, Mac OS, Linux and browser extension.

We can scan a lot of things by creating an account on VirusTotal.

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