Check Here If Your Data is Leaked or Not

check data leaked or not

Have you ever thought how to know whether our data is leaked or not. Here is a very useful platform which tells us about our data protection.

We use many sites in which we create an account and register ourselves. Generally, such sites and applications take information of email id, password and mobile number.

Our awareness about data protection increased after the Cambridge Analytica data fraud on Facebook. In simple words, the Cambridge Analytica was using the data without taking permission of facebook and the user’s also. And, the company was selling this data to other marketing companies to sell different products based on the area and interest of a person.

Here is a very useful platform to check if your email id or password is leaked or not.

#1 Best Website to Check if your Data is Leaked or Not

Have I Been Pwned?

The website provides the information related to your email id and password.

After opening the site, we will have to prove ‘I am not a robot’ using reCaptcha technology.

Have i been pwned

This is the first page of a website. Here, we have to enter our email address.

how i been pwned 1

The website tells me here that my email address is not leaked. And also it provides the guide to make a secure password.

Alright, so that’s how we can check about our email address.

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Now, let’s check about password

We also have an option to check if our password is leaked or not. It also tells us how many times, our password is being used by the people.

For instance, here I am writing the password “12345678”.

how i been pwned 2

Find the information about leaked data here.

We should check at least once for the security purpose.

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