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Have you ever dreamt of starting a restaurant business and making millions every month? If yes then I have good news for you. Today, in this article we will understand how to start and grow a cloud based restaurant business.

The food industry is the evergreen industry and growing rapidly for many years.

Although, it has enabled immense potential as data revolution by Reliance Jio. People order from the food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats.

Eventually, people have started ordering food more times than ever before.

India is a young country. It is a country of youth. And the youth spend money on whatever they like. The money has been flowing very fast especially in the food industry.

Hence, we can clearly understand the business opportunities in the world of the food industry.

How to Start and Grow Cloud Kitchen Restaurant in India:

You are good at making a particular type of food and you have expertise in it. Then, why don’t you start a business from your home and start selling food?

What if I tell you, you can start your own restaurant in less than 15,000 INR. Sounds crazy, right?

There are so many women in India who have expertise in making a specific category of food. But, most of them cannot even imagine starting their own business.

The Concept:

It may sound like a difficult thing to understand but it is extremely uncomplicated.

We don’t need to buy an expensive place to start a restaurant. We don’t need trained staff that serves to our consumers. We don’t need to spend money on a restaurant’s interior design. We don’t need cooks and chefs.

What we need is high-quality testy food.

With the help of online delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy, we have to register on their platform and then consumers can order from the app!

As soon as someone orders from the app, you will get a notification on your registered smartphone to accept the order.

After accepting the order, the delivery guy will reach to your restaurant place (it can be your home or rental place) and pick up the order.

In 14-15 business days, the food delivery app from which you are associated will transfer money to your bank account. Also, they will take commission around 5-15% as they have provided you the platform to start a business that requires a small investment.

How to Start?

As of now, 15th October 2019, for starting a cloud kitchen based restaurant, one has to have three licences.

The first thing you need is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). It is not a complex process to get FSSAI certificate.

Another required thing is the GST number (most of the time). In order to register with Zomato and Swiggy, we need a GST number. GST number is also useful because payments will be accepted online.

And the last required certificate is related to fire security.

That’s it.

Just three simple and basic formalities to start an official cloud kitchen restaurant. It may cost less than 15,000 INR as per my research. If you hire a third party to complete all these formalities, it may cost you more than 15,000 INR.

After getting the formalities done, we can register our restaurant on Zomato and Swiggy. It is that much easy to start a cloud kitchen restaurant.

Marketing Strategies:

Initially, our relative, friends and colleagues, we can consider as consumers. But then, what we are supposed to do in order to gain regular consumers.

As we have to operate from the low marketing budget, we simply cannot afford newspaper ads. Pamphlets are even a better and cost-effective option for traditional marketing.

Giving a discount is also a good way to promote.

Social media is a great place where we can target based on age group, interest, demographics and many more.

Facebook page and Instagram page are the required thing in order to build a brand around people nowadays. Regular content creation delivers amazing results.

Brand awareness and engagement campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can bring a lot of consumers easily.

This is how one can start and grow his/her cloud kitchen restaurant online.

If you need help to promote restaurant business feel free to ask. As a digital marketer, I love to help businesses to grow with the help of social media marketing.


Technology has enabled tremendous opportunities around us. We can easily start a business online and make money. If you are genuinely interested then you should definitely do this.

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