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Guide to Become a Freelancer and Make Money

Are you a skilled person? Do you want to monetise your skill? Read this complete article: Step by step guide to become a freelancer. 

Freelancing is a very easy and effective way to earn money. You can work anytime, anywhere.

The main purpose of freelancing is to find temporary employees easily who are good at a particular field. Freelancing simply means you are selling your talent/skill.

You can show up your skills and get paid by becoming a freelancer. There are many websites that provide freelancing services.

You can make a good amount of money by working such as logo design, banner ads, web & mobile design, photoshop editing, animation, digital marketing, creative writing, proofreading, article & blog post, video editing, WordPress, web programming, online lessons, business and finance consultation etc.

A lot of tasks is being done by freelancers. That’s why it has a huge opportunity.

Step by Step Guide to Become a Freelancer:

Before writing any gig or sending a project request to clients, make sure you have an intermediate to an excellent level of knowledge in that particular field.

There are mainly two ways one can get started. First is by creating gigs and the second thing is sending project request to clients.

Before getting started, let me tell you the importance of freelancing and the future.

My Profile:

Here is my profile on Fiverr. Right now, I am level one seller and this article is completely based on my experience.

You can analyze my profile and apply strategies.

Why Freelancing?

When I am editing this article, the whole world is in the trap of COVID-19 outbreak. Because of lockdown, the economic activities have stopped and as a result, millions of people have lost their jobs

If you rely on a single income, you may face a financial crisis unless you have enough savings. 

That is why I highly recommend you to start freelancing. Most people easily give up while trying to get a project. However, it’s a business. It takes time to get the first client.

Each and every skill can be sold in freelancing platforms and there is a definitely a chance to make money and make freelancing as a second source of income.

In addition, businesses would not prefer to hire full-time employees. Due to the recession, there is already a drastic downfall in the market. Hiring a freelancer is an extremely cheaper option for businesses. This is how startups can reduce the cost of hiring employees.

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We Indians think this income as a part-time income which means freelancing is a secondary thing, we must have a decent job.

In India, people who are connected with freelancing are working part-time mostly.

The other countries like the United States of America, Canada, the UK, France, Australia, Germany people are too much connected with freelancing and that’s why they are making a decent amount of money.

Being a freelancer, I have been doing a lot of research to become the best and top seller. I observed that people who live in developed countries also offer their service at cheaper rates.


For beginners, gaining trust is the hardest part. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you need to focus more on building your strong profile. allows uploading resume and portfolio as well. One should also include education qualification and certification.

After the completion of profile building, one should make a gig or start approaching to consumers. You can learn from here.

Things to Add in Profile:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio (Upload whatever work you have done so far)
  • Connect Gmail, Mobile Number, Facebook, Twitter
  • Connect PayPal Account

Gig Details:

  • Gig description must explain all the things about service
  • Pricing should be low to medium
  • The title should be unique
  • Gig image should be attractive and self-made

How to Promote for FREE?

  • Share gig link on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Groups
  • While sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter, use proper hashtags
  • Post your work on Instagram as well. Use location and hashtags properly
  • If you have a basic knowledge of Facebook ads, you should also try paid ads

Becoming a freelancer is very easy. The websites which are trust-able and popular for freelancing are…

I would advise you to start a one-person company in your name. Because it will give you an additional benefit to taxation.

Some sites want you to create an account in PayPal or in other global online payment services. You will get paid within a week when you finish your task.

  • Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr is also available in Android and iOS.

You can also promote yourself as a freelancer in Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you really want to become a good freelancer, first you need to develop a skill and then be patient. Because it may take a lot of time.

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