In today’s competitive world, getting a high paying job is difficult. LinkedIn makes finding a job easier. Here are 6 Reasons why one should build a LinkedIn profile.


Some people may have heard the name once when Microsoft Inc. bought LinkedIn for $26 billion. It is a professional networking platform which has more than 460 million users as per Q3 2016.

LinkedIn is a platform where you can create your profile and it can also become your resume.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is a good thing nowadays because not everyone can take a good placement from colleges.

Apply for the job using LinkedIn is a very effective way to introduce yourself. You can create a good impression with the help of a group of people in your connection.

Moreover, you can directly connect to the founder/ chairman/board member or any other senior manager.

If the job is not available to you then the person who you connected can introduce you to other companies where you can apply for the job using LinkedIn.

Linkedin also provides the pdf of your profile which everyone can use as a resume.

6 Reasons Why One Should Build LinkedIn Profile

1. Get visitors to your new blog posts:

If you are a blogger then you can get many visitors with the help of linked in.

You have to create your connection properly and tag someone who is related to that blog post and by using hashtags bloggers can get many visitors. Which can help you to improve your google page rank also.


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2. Get Connected:

Create your profile properly and then add people to your connection.

3. Show off your projects, pieces of work which you’ve completed:

If you have created some project work, mention that in your profile so that people who see your profile will get to know about your talent.

Some companies may approach you for job placement.  Always be honest on your LinkedIn profile (It is not as same as Facebook or Instagram).

4. Show people who you are:

Write your personal information and headline properly. So that more and more people you can add to your connection.


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5. Build trust for your brand:

By putting regular content on LinkedIn and getting connected with your followers, you can build your trusted brand.

LinkedIn is also one of the best platforms to get more users. But it takes time.

6. Email Service:

You can email up to 50 people at a time. It is a very effective way to express yourself or your product. You can also apply for the job.

Create a LinkedIn Profile Now

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