Best Ways to Send Larger Sized Files

Quick ways to send large sized files

Since, we have been using high quality camera in our smartphones, the size of videos are becoming too large.

We use email and WhatsApp for sharing files. But, these two popular platforms are not able to share large sized files.

Generally, we use a pen drive and hard drive for sharing files. But, these processes are time-consuming.

Here are the three quick ways I have for you for sharing large-sized files.

Quick Ways to Send Large Sized Files

1. Youtube

The first method, I have for you, is by uploading a video on Youtube.

Youtube is the best way to share your large files easily.

Here, the important thing is you have to upload a video on youtube. And make sure, the video you have uploaded is ‘unlisted‘ on Youtube.

Then, you need to send a video link. The video will be visible to only those who have received a link from you.

Paste the URL here and download the video

2. Google Drive

The second method is to use Google Drive.

While using Youtube, we can only share videos. You can upload data up to 15 GB on Google Drive.

Use the shareable link to share the files with your friends and family.

Dropbox is also a very good platform for sharing files in such a way.

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3. YourFileLink

YourFileLink is a website that provides without any registration. The thing is that you are only able to upload and share up to 5 GB data.

You will get a download link instantly of a document which you have uploaded.

Also, there are many free file hosting websites available.

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