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Our Smartphones and PCs become slower as per the usage of the device. That’s not completely true. While using Internet, our smartphone/PC started getting too much unwanted files or we can say Malware or Virus in our devices.

It is necessary to protect our devices because every coin has two sides. Internet is very important in our daily life. That’s why we have to think about our privacy as well. While opening some websites, we may have experienced the phone/computer getting heated and battery level decreases faster. All such kind of things are happening because of malware and unwanted content on Internet.

Today, I am going to help you to solve all these kind of problem.

malware and virus - Itsfacile

3 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone/PC From Malware and Virus


Is it compulsory to watch an advertisement on any website? Absolutely Not. We all know that when we browse any website, most of the websites contain Advertisement.

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Many time you have seen banner (Ads) related to your search. Sometimes we get irritated with these types of banners. So let me tell you why blocking advertisement from the browser is a very good thing. Here are the reasons.

Why should we use block advertisements?

  1. It takes extra time to load any web-page. So working with Adblock can save your time.
  2. Some websites contain Malware And harmful content. When you click on it, it can damage or destroy(sometimes) your system. Adblocker will remove those ads from any website.
  3. One can block advertisement from Youtube also.
  4. One can save his/her Facebook & Gmail account from being hacked by Phishing(Type Of Hacking).

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Note: Any other blogger will not recommend installing Ad-block because it stops their revenue. This site is not associated with any other ad companies and it is better for a user experience that’s why we are suggesting you try Adblock on your PC.


Many people are using Anti-virus in mobile device or computer. But sometimes, such anti-virus software create own virus and detect them as a virus. If your smartphone has enough space then you should install anti-virus but still, it is not mandatory.

For mobile devices, iOS and Android are providing inbuilt antivirus so we don’t need to install any third-party application.

For computers, Windows and MAC OS are also providing inbuilt antivirus so we also don’t need to install any third-party antivirus software.

If you want advance protecting while browsing, download and install antivirus plugins in your Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Don’t Install These Apps

Well, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are also secured in terms of applications. There are many apps which takes information of user’s illegally and spamming their users indirectly. Here are the popular applications which we should not use.

  • UC Browser

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  • ES File Explorer
  • CLEAN it
  • DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge
  • Dolphin Web Browser
  • Clean Master
  • QuickPic

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