Create Disposable Email Using this Platform

how to create disposable email address

There are so many websites on the internet. Also, many websites provide their services. But, it is hard to identify the website is trustworthy or not.

Generally, most of the websites want the email id of users. By doing this, they provide information about their new products, offers and share other information.

Many websites write ‘FREE‘ services on the top of the website but after registration, they ask users to choose payment option directly! Now, they took the email of the user whether you buy the service or product, your email id is stored in the database. And now, you will get regular emails from that website.

This means the website is spamming you clearly. However, you are not interested.

The disposable mail address is also useful for the person who just wants to just any website only for one or two times. He or She doesn’t need to use his/her personal email address.

Itsfacile is also providing email services in which the users will get an email of the newly published article. We believe that the privacy of the users should be number 1 priority.

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Let’s back to the point.

The person who searches regularly on Google may have faced this problem.

To solve this problem, we have a platform which gives us temporary email id to check whether the website is good or not.

How to Create Disposable Email Address

10 Minute Mail

The disposable email address means the validity of your email id is limited. You can also hide your identity by using a temporary email address.

How to create disposable email address

After opening, 10 Minute Mail, here we will get a temporary email address which we can use for maximum 10 minutes. We can also increase the time limit.

I have registered here for Webinar on SEO and got an instant reply. As we can see, 10-minute mail has provided temporary inbox.

Most of the time, this platform is very useful for engineering and medical students.

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