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How to Get 15 Lac Annual Package in Computer Science Field?

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One of the most demanded fields nowadays is Computer Science. Why? Because tech companies provide high paying packages to their employees.

Technology companies have been growing rapidly for a long time. That’s why all the tech companies or big IT companies need high quality manpower to maintain the consistent growth.

Students of NIT(National Institute of Technology) and IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) are getting high paying packages.

Not only that, the most talented students from these institutes manage to get packages in crores!

Placement Reality:

Indian giant IT companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro offer less salary to their new employees.

By doing this, they hire more employees and give less salary to them compare to the other giant companies.

Also, there are lots of students who are good at one specific field of computer science. But, most of them are not able to take job on their preferred field.

India produce so many engineers every year. But, most of them remain unemployed because of the lack of practical knowledge.

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In the case of computer science, the syllabus remains same even after so many new technologies which are necessary to understand.

What if I tell you, you can get minimum 15 Lac Annual Package without having a college degree!

Get Minimum 15 Lac Annual Package by joining Pesto Tech:

Pesto Tech is a Delhi based educational company founded by a college dropout Aayush Jaiswal.

The company provides high quality education to all the students who are passionate about computer science.

One of the most important thing about Pesto Tech is FREE EDUCATION.

Pesto Tech offers super high quality of education at free of cost(technically). The company teaches you for three months.

There are thousands of students who are not able to get admission in IITs or NIT. But, many of them have so much passion towards computer science.

The aim of the company is to give such students FREE education.

About Pesto Package:

Pesto will teach you and make you super powerful in computer science. It depends on which area you select in computer science.

If you get a package less than 15 Lac, then you don’t have to pay anything to the Pesto Tech. In Pesto, more than 90% of students get a package of more than 15 Lac.

When you get an annual package of more than 15 lac, you will have to pay annually 17% of your income to Pesto Tech for three years.

How to Apply for Pesto Tech?

It is easy to apply for Pesto Tech.

You can visit Pesto Tech Apply.

After doing this, they will attend an online test which measures an IQ and EQ.

If you manage to pass the online test then get ready to learn!

Who should Apply?

  • Make sure you have basic information about the fundamentals of programming languages.
  • Those who can work hard to learn something new.
  • Passionate about computer science.
  • Your behavior should be polite.

Are you excited to know more about Pesto Tech?

Watch this video.

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