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4 Magic Ways to Know Anyone Using Technology

All the people around us are using smartphone. This one device can give brief information about any person.

How to Know Anyone Using Technology?

In the world of technology, we cannot survive without internet. Whatever you are doing online, all the things are stored in databases. This stored database shows your related things on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter etc.

You cannot simply hide your thoughts, nature, liking and disliking on the internet. If you are smart enough then you are using incognito mode in your browser. But it is not appropriate every time. That’s why nowadays, identifying anyone is easy.


Google exposes most of us on the internet by tracking all the search actions. We always get relevant ads that we had searched on google. Most of the websites on the internet have Google Analytics Tracking code so that’s how Google also monitor us from other websites.


In smartphones, you cannot operate YouTube without signing in to your account. From this account, everything you search and watch on YouTube is stored inthe database and then you will see related content.

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It is always better to watch those videos which we find interesting. Google is linked with YouTube so we also get relevant ads on other websites.


As we all know, Facebook is becoming a big player in the ad business. By searching or following any person, page or community we have to think at least one time.

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All e-commerce sites are using this kind of system. Where they can track liking and most searched products of their consumers.

What Is Really Happening?

Most of the large technology companies are working on machine learning. They are creating a system where the machine can learn itself about us. This system is tracking our location, age, liked the content, disliked content, profession etc.

What To Do?

We cannot simply stop all these companies to access our data. But we can create our better profile on social media sites for better results. While searching on google, make sure you are searching for proper thing. If it is irrelevant, please use incognito mode in your browser. These are some common tips to follow…

  • Don’t follow any adult, abusive, hateful pages/people on Instagram and Facebook.

People can easily judge you by your followings and liked content on your social media platforms.

  • Prefer to use Twitter while discussing any political or religious topic instead of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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  • Do not only delete history but also delete cookies and cached data from the browser.
  • Don’t  “Like” too many videos on YouTube.
  • If someone is hiding his/her profile picture and not posting any posts, it is better to avoid communication.
  • Do not accept the request of strangers (Stop focusing on the total number of followers)

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