Most of the entrepreneurs and business owners always use to focus on the quality of their product. That’s why they miss the methods of promoting their products using blogs and videos.

I have already discussed blogging and vlogging so will not repeat again on these two platforms. Let us start discussing why written words and video content are very helpful to grow all the type of businesses.

People are busy!!!

Nowadays, the majority of people are so-called busy in their life. Hence, many people will never ask about any product or service. Direct communication is happening less nowadays. People are not ready to listen when we are free. We have to focus on their free time for promoting our products. That’s why blog and videos are better to be used.

Social Media

Youngsters are not reading traditional newspaper!!! They use social media for getting attached to the world. Either they prefer to read an article or watching videos on Facebook or Youtube.

Time Consuming

It takes less time to understand the visual content. In blogging, we can also save time for understanding our products by providing the point information in a creative way.

Now, Let’s discuss how to grow any business using blogs/videos….


Entrepreneurs who are in B2B(Business to Business) are generally using blogging for promoting their products. It is also better to use blogging because it takes less time to write an article rather than creating a video. For small-scale business, who cannot hire a person for creating videos can also use blogging. That’s why it is also cost-effective.

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If a person is running a digital media/marketing company, he should write about SEO, online business, social media, other services etc. If we are starting a company which( area of business) has huge competition, then we should write how we are different from others. If anyone is selling products online, then he should write about his product not only for promotion but also for giving awareness about products. We can also share directly blogs with our relatives and clients.

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By posting articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we can grow our business because our main purpose is to provide value to the consumers.


Most of the people prefer to watch videos rather than reading articles because it saves time. And that is reason videos are used in B2C(Business to Consumers).

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If a person has a high budget or he knows about making videos, then it would be better option to create videos. By making an animated video or presentation based video, we can also promote our products. We can also promote our products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn by creating sponsored ads.

Youtube is also a better option. By creating a channel on Youtube, we can also bring a lot of consumers. We can also share directly to consumers and friends.

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