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The Best Startup Social Network in India

Nowadays, most of the startup founders are young and need some platforms to grow his/her business. But it’s not at all easy. Here is the platform which is helping startups to grow. Today, I am gonna share with you about and its benefits. Happy reading…


Most of the startups fail within 5 years. There are several reasons for failing businesses. But, it is also important to negotiate with the ‘like-minded‘ people. By using this platform properly, one can easily grow his/her business.

The fundamental concept of is to create an environment for an entrepreneur to promote his/her startup. Startups can also meet new investors and raise their funds. There are many small companies with different categories registered with eChai. is presently working in 20 cities of India and growing speedily.

The homepage of

Find People

By using this platform, one can easily reach to the highly qualified person. It is the platform where professional people help small startups. One can find people and create a network in different categories such as fundraising, digital marketing, legal and accounting services, the blockchain, content writers, web designers, web developers, production help and many more.

If you are good at something then you should also join so that we can get knowledge of the corporate world. It is also possible to work as a freelancer.

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Business Stores

We can create our business store on eChai easily. By creating an e-store, we cannot only promote our business but also create our brand. There are many different types of startups are registered with different categories.

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Basically, it includes e-commerce, legal services, travel & tourism, merchandising platforms, digital marketing companies, app development companies, food & beverages, entertainment, co-working space and many more.

Membership for eChai.In

eChai is providing two types of membership. In which, there is a membership for a startup or a membership for an individual. For more details, visit :

  • 500 Rs./year for an individual.
  • 5000 Rs. + GST for startups.

Job Opportunity

We can find a job in startups in different fields. It is also possible to find location-based jobs. It is providing job opportunities in these areas mainly: Programming, Internet of things, sales, marketing, content writing, graphic designing, business development and social media.

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Members of eChai can attend the event free of cost. eChai is doing events in various colleges in which startup founders talk about their vision and ideas and try to promote their business with eChai members.

Other Services

There are also many other services which are also useful for entrepreneurs. It includes Blogs, Question and Answers and Stories.

Advantage for All

This platform is not only useful for entrepreneurs but also for all other people. We can find new startups with innovative products and ideas. So, we should at least visit eChai once.

If you find this article useful, then let me know in the comment area. Share if you find something informative. 

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