Remember All Passwords Of Various Sites

how to remember all the passwords of various sites

People have accounts in various sites and tend to forget passwords easily.. Most of the people don’t like to take help of Forgot Your Password option. Here is… How to remember all the passwords of various sites.

For a solution to this query, there are some apps that save all the passwords and it works very privately. You can trust Password Safe 100% as it DOES NOT have any access to the internet. Try It And Never Forget.

How to Remember all The Passwords of Various Sites

How does it work?

    • Access app via one single master password.
    • Save passwords Category wise.
    • Enter site name and password Then Save it.
    • Can’t take even screenshot (Updated version).
    • Backup and restore the encrypted database.
    • For a quick tutorial watch Video…
Images Source: Password Safe And Manager (Google Play Store)

Here I have chosen this application because it is very easy to understand and requires low memory of smartphone.

Recommended Apps :

1.) LastPass Password Manager

2.)Keeper  Password Manager

3.)Dashlane Password Manager

4.)Kaspersky Password Manager

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