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Best Ways to Identify Fake News

We all know that because of social media, fake news spread speedily. It is difficult to control spreading. But, it is easy to identify fake news. Here is Best Ways to Identify Fake News.

I wrote this article in 2018 and today when I am editing this article in 2020, the whole world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic.

Television media, print media and even social media are bombarded with news related to coronavirus. These days most media agencies do not verify the authenticity of the news.

That is why it is important for everyone to identify fake news. Read the complete article and do share and spread awareness with your friends and family members.

Why It’s Happening?

Everyone uses the internet nowadays and it is easy to share information. There are many ways to make money online. One of the ways is pay-per-click advertisements.

When we click on any website to read any news, we will be redirected to another website. Such websites are associated with so many advertising networks. They make lots of money simply by showing us ads.

Another reason is to influence people by disrespecting or appreciating someone using blogs or images.

Now, let’s talk about solutions.

6 Best Ways to Identify Fake News

1. Check the source if possible

While using Facebook and Instagram, we can check the source. We should only open, read, watch or share the posts of reputed websites.

In WhatsApp, we simply cannot identify.

2. Check the domain name

Domain name is the easiest method to identify fake news. If you find any odd domain name, then there is a strong possibility that the blog post you are reading is fake.

Many times we don’t get the full link. Always check before sharing any post which has a short link(goo.gl & bitly).

We can also check the ‘About us‘ page of a website and ‘About author‘.

3. News related to Health Care

We share such news because we care about our health.  Articles and videos related to health care are most popular.

Most of the videos and articles are fake. It will not help you in your life and it totally wastes your time.

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4. Search on Google

If you have doubt on any post then simply search about it on google. Google will provide you, all the articles related to the particular topic.

5. Negativity

When you see some negative post that makes you angry or sad, such posts are likely to be fake. The main aim of creating such a post is to play with people’s emotion.

People tend to share more posts which make them emotionally attached. Never share such a post because it spreads negativity to society.

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6. Predicting Future

There are also so many videos and articles available which tell us about the future. It happens mainly in the business world.

Always read or watch videos from the authentic source and don’t take predictions seriously.

Watch this video

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Anuj Vohra

Hi , I am Anuj Vohra. Founder of Itsfacile.com & Saral Investment.

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