Each and every business needs to grow. For that, almost every company does and apply a different type of marketing strategies. Today, we understand the basic concepts of marketing.

What is Marketing?

In simple words, Marketing is positioning of offering better than the competitor. This means how we can differentiate our product or service in a better way and sell more than our competitor.

For instance, Google Pixel and Apple iPhone both are known as flagship Smartphone. But, not everyone loves only one brand. Many people buy iPhone and many people buy Pixel. It is just a matter of choice and service as well. This is how marketers have targeted their prospected consumers.

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Basically, marketing can also be done to spread awareness about any product or a service.

A market is a place where we can sell any product or a service. All the activities we perform for selling a product or a service can be considered as Marketing.

Types of Marketing

1. Network Marketing

When we sell any product, we get a commission for the first time. We actually sell the membership to someone. Such membership provides many different kinds of services and products as well.

After selling the product, if the person whom we have sold the product will sell this product to another person. Then, the person who has sold the product will get commission and also we also get the commission.

The more people you are able to involve in your circle, the more you make money. And you need to work less. Because other people will try to sell this product to someone and that will give you a commission.

Amway and Oriflame 

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2. Affiliate Marketing

When we sell any product, we get a commission. This simple marketing method is known as Affiliate Marketing.

By using affiliate marketing, we reduce the cost of marketing because of affiliate marketer words as a distributor. There are many businesses which are only based on such marketing model.

Amazon and Flipkart both are e-commerce giant. They also do affiliate marketing. Most of the time their marketers are Youtubers, Instagram influencers and bloggers.

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3. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes radio ads, television ads, banner ads and newspaper ads mainly. But, the problem with traditional marketing is COST. The cost of such type of marketing requires so much capital.

4. Ambush Marketing

In Ambush Marketing, the marketers play a game with their competitor.

For instance, there is a cricket match series going on between India and Shree Lanka. The Pepsi is the main sponsor of the series. But, the CoCa-Cola is promoting all their holdings all around the stadium and the nearer places of a stadium.

So, people see the holdings of Coca-Cola everywhere. And, Pepsi will just remain the sponsor of the series.

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5. Gurella Marketing

It is the most creative way of marketing. This marketing includes many sub-categories.

  • Outdoor marketing
  • Indoor marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Ambush Marketing
  • Experimental Marketing
  • Grass Root Marketing

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6.  Digital Marketing

Many companies were spending too much money on traditional ads before the internet had started getting popularity.

Traditional ads generally include television ads, radio ads, banner ads and newspaper ads. All these channels are very costly compared to all the digital platforms.

Let’s discuss all the digital marketing channels.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Quora Ads

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These are the most popular digital marketing channels to promote your business. Lapaas provides the best digital marketing services because we have worked with all the platforms many times.

Also, there are different two types there.  Content marketing and E-mail marketing.

Today, many companies have stopped traditional ads because it is becoming very expensive and very less effective than digital marketing.

Digital marketing gives the targeted audience with a proper location. Moreover, it is the cheapest and the most effective marketing method.

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Marketing Evolution

Ford Motor Company had started producing many cars between 1905 to 1910. By doing this, the company able to decrease the car price and Ford Motor company sold so many cars at cheap rates.

Every business needs a proper marketing strategy to grow. But many big businesses failed because of not accepting change in the marketing and advertising method.

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However, marketing is a not only single reason for the failure of any business. It also includes the lake of innovation, planning, leadership failure, poor management, the lake of capital etc. But in this article, we will discuss the global marketing era.


Traditional Marketing 

It was the end of 20th where most of the companies are doing traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes radio ads, television ads and banner ads mainly. People were using this method because there were no any alternative options. People are still using this type of method because it was still a huge marketplace for online business.

Now let us discuss the limitations of traditional marketing. Radio and Television ads are very costly so small companies simply cannot afford. Banner ads are cheaper compared to radio and television ads but we cannot reach maximum people with the help of banner ads.

Google Era

Google AdWords was launched on 23rd October 2000. Internet was booming in the United States in the late ’90s. Google AdWords was based on “search” and “keyword”. It was so cheap in an earlier stage that one was able to reach so many people at minimum cost. After the grand success of AdWords, Google started updating and it becomes popular worldwide.

Google ads are taking most of the internet advertisements. But it is becoming costlier because most of the companies are moving to Google AdWords. 2000 – 2010 was google era, where Google made lots of money from advertisement and still it is a better option.

Facebook/Instagram Marketing

The most powerful and effective method of marketing is Facebook marketing. Business is all about getting attention from people. It is so underpriced that most of the businesses are moving towards Facebook ads. The day I am writing this article, the minimum cost of Facebook ads is 65 rupees only and you can reach 2000 people! By using Facebook ads, one can target audience easily.

Instagram is also growing in the advertisement field. Creating ads for stories and post, one can grow business. It is a very effective way because 1-minute video content and 15 seconds of a story can explain briefly about any product. Thus, it is better than google ads and traditional ads.

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