Cambly case study by Anuj Vohra

People say with the help of the internet, we can learn the English language easily. That is half true. English learning is one of the most evergreen markets for business and Cambly takes the advantage beatifully. Here is Cambly case study by Anuj Vohra.

In this article, we will learn from how the company was started, who are the target audiences of Cambly to how the company has been growing since 2013.

How Cambly was Started?

Cambly was started by Sameer Shariff and Kevin Law in 2013. There is a very interesting story behind this company.

While studying in school, Sameer learned the French language and Kevin learned Spanish. But, both were not fluent in speaking the french and Spanish respectively. After a few years, Sameer went on a holiday in France and Kevin went on a holiday in Spain. They both realised Sameer’s French and Kevin’s Spanish were improved after the visits.

Soon, they came up with a conclusion that if one wants to become fluent in any language, communication with native people is very much important.

They should have started with an application for Spanish and French language but they noticed that English is widely spoken language and that is why they made an app called Cambly. The app helps users to directly communicate which the people of the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada where English is the native language.

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Solving a Big Problem:

If you simply just observed and watch the example videos of Cambly, you can easily notice that the company is solving a big problem!

English speaking is a big problem for millions of people. As the world is becoming more open, the demand for English learning is also increasing.

How does Cambly Work?

It is a totally unique concept! You can communicate with the people who belong from the USA, the UK and Australia. Besides, you can also check the recording of the video call and improve your mistakes.

Cambly has two sides. The first is the user side from that a user can communicate with a tutor. The company generates revenue from a user side.

On the other hand, there is a tutor side. Cambly gives money to communicators on an hourly basis. The task of tutors is to help students in their English Communication and build efficiency in fluent English.

Watch this video

Target Audience of Cambly:

There are a few countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which has English as a native language. That means most of their citizens speak the English language.

Asian and European countries are the best suitable target audience for Cambly.

French and German people simply have the capacity to spend a higher amount if they want to learn the English language.

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On the other hand, if we talk about Asia, the market is bigger than in European countries.

India and China combine contain more than 2.3 billion people. And the good thing is, English is not a native language in these two countries. Students who genuinely want to learn English tend to spend money (Even I have also done classes of English when I was in 9th grad).

Bangladesh, Philipines and Indonesia are also big markets for Cambly.

Marketing Strategies:

Cambly has been heavily focusing on influencer marketing. The company knows its actual target audience is youngsters and they love to spend their time on Youtube and Instagram.

Cambly does a paid partnership with Youtubers who produce educational content mainly. The company gives free minutes to the Youtuber or an influencer to test an app and make a video on it.

This is how the company targets different types of audiences by doing a paid partnership with Youtubers.

Here is a Youtube channel that I personally follow that has made a video of Cambly with a paid partnership.


Well, we speak English with our friends, family members or in the events. Our listeners and communicators also speak in the same ascent as we speak. That is the reason when we communicate with foreigners, we simply face difficulty to understand their pronunciation. And Cambly helps you to overcome such kind of problems.

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By Anuj Vohra

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2 thoughts on “Cambly – English Tutors Online | Case Study”
  1. Cambly customer service is just about the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Somehow, my tutor account was totally deleted. I’m not even sure if I was fired or what, if anything, I did wrong. This month was my 3-year anniversary on Cambly. I had logged over 18,000 chats earning more than $47,000. As far as I knew everything was fine. I had about 3 weeks of Priority Hours booked and many reservations scheduled. I had a small and loyal following of regular students, many of whom I had known for years. It would have been nice to at least say goodbye. I guess I’ll never get that chance.

    1. Oh!!! That is strange for me! I have observed that Cambly focuses more on influencer marketing and their concept is really good. Most Asian people do not have fluency in speaking English. I never thought from a tutor side. You exposed the real thing here. It is really unfaithful and unethical side of Cambly. I think you should complain on Twitter as well as in the court as well because it is the matter of $47,000 and that’s huge!!!

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